About us

Rolle by Rolle is a UK-based business, a premium multi-category fashion brand.

‚Äč‘We create our own current, a new age flow of sustainable fashions from an art form perspective.’ One complex design after another Rolle By Rolle brings urban street wear to high fashion. To one day become a renowned heritage brand known for being quintessentially British, but also for appealing to all, both genderless and ageless.

Founder and Creative Director Jaydine Rolle is a young self taught designer and visionary from East London. Having left school at 16 with grades, which exceeded expectations and a strong passion to succeed within a creative industry. She proceeded to learn how to develop innovative design ideas into professional illustrations and digitally executed style range plans and mood boards; thus cementing a signature abstract style of work. With the ambition to develop key skills Jaydine interned with various industry professionals to begin to gain practical work experience within the Fashion Industry. Working with Adidas Entertainment & Influencer Marketing Team, Couturier Suzie Turner and Knit Designers Catz Brothers allowed Jaydine to learn first hand key skills such as styling, tailoring, embellishments and hand sewing techniques. In addition and most importantly the key skills needed to run a successful fashion business and to work within a fast paced industry. 


 Rolle by Rolle garments and accessories are made to the finest quality standards and through the power of innovation and vision we commit to delivering superior quality to products and consistency. We create with our international customers in mind, most if not all our products can be worn throughout the winter seasons but also throughout spring days and summer evenings.